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VSimulators - Bath

VSimulators at the University of Bath provides a bespoke environmental chamber combined with projected virtual reality for two research volunteers

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Bath VSimulators offers a state of the art environmental chamber with projected virtual reality for multi-disciplinary research

Whether your research involves working in a high rise office building, exploring your newly designed structure, understanding human responses to changing environmental conditions or exploring people's physiological responses to the built environment, we can provide the multi-disciplinary capability to fully explore human-environment interactions.

VSimulators at Bath - Key Features:

  • 3m x 4m self contained environment test chamber (supplied by Temperature Applied Sciences) which can be occupied by up to three occupants for extensive periods of time
  • a custom designed motion platform, with freedom of movement in three directions (designed and developed by Servotest Systems, in collaboration with the University of Bath) (0.01Hz – 6HZ+, and amplitudes of up to +/- 400mm)
  • projected 3D and 2D virtual reality (images are projected onto the walls), programmed to adjust the visual and audio sensory output according to the time of day and building height (designed and developed by Antycip Simulation, in collaboration with the University of Bath)
  • motion tracking of occupants
  • physiological recording of human factor responses

Environmental Control Features:

The VSimulator facility at the University of Bath offers precise environmental controls, as follows

  • Air Temperature : 15 to 40 degrees centigrade
  • Humidity : 20% to 80%
  • Horizontal Illuminance : 50 to 2000 lux
  • Colour Temperature : 2000 to 6500 K
  • Lighting illuminance: 50-2000 Lux
  • Radiant temperature: 5 – 40 degrees centigrade

Click on the link below to see the launch video from the University of Bath VSimulators launch day on 9th October 2019.

VSimulators at the University of Bath will uniquely enable the accurate re-creation of large amplitude, low frequency wind-induced tall to super-tall building sway, with a reconfigurable room layout, such as an office, hotel room, apartment or hospital ward. This facility will link structural movement and environmental conditions, with human psychological and physiological responses, in a fully controllable environment.

The immersive projected virtual reality spaces will provide an environment in which to recreate the impact of subtle motion to enable a better understanding of how this could affect the wellbeing of people, their work performance or behaviour. This multi-disciplinary facility will enable research on human comfort, motion acceptability, biophilic design and habituation.

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Antony Darby, the PI for VSimulators at the University of Bath, explains how this facility can support unique research opportunities

Dr Ian Walker, Associate Dean for Research at the University of Bath, discusses how the VSimulator facility can benefit research

Gillian Browning from BuroHappold explains why her industry is keen to use the VSimulators facility.

The University of Bath VSimulators platform can support opportunities for innovative research into human factor responses to the environment, enabling the recreation of most physical environments.

Design and Construction of the VSimulator Facility at the University of Bath

VSimulators at the University of Bath took 18 months to create, from the original idea to completed installation. Suppliers including Antycip Simulation (projected and virtual reality designers), ServoTest Systems (motion platform engineers) and TAS Limited (climate control engineers), who combined their skills to create and install this unique facility. The images below show some of the key stages in the installation process, with more information being found on the news page.

Following the redesign of an area in the Structures Laboratory at the Department for Architecture and Civil Engineering, the base plates and motion platform were carefully manoeuvred into place, after extensive factory acceptance testing.

VSimulator at the University of Bath - the base plates being aligned into position

VSimulators at the University of Bath - the motion platform being installed by a Trilifter, the only vehicle of its type in the UK.

The images below show the climate control chamber being carefully aligned into position. Extensive testing then ensured the motion platform and the control chamber operated smoothly, before the installation of the projected virtual reality technology.

Industry partners' visit to the VSimulator research platform during construction phase at the University of Bath.

The motion platform operated by a bespoke hydraulic system designed and installed by Servotest Systems