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Capella Biosciences Research Laboratory - Off Site Construction

Academic experts in Vibration Engineering collaborated with PCE Ltd, a market leader in the design and build of off-site Hybrid engineered structures, to ensure the Capella Biosciences Research Laboratory could be constructed off-site whilst still meeting stringent vibration control requirements.

PCE Ltd collaborated with Kier Construction on the Capella Biosciences Research Laboratory for the University of Cambridge. They engaged the vibration engineering team from University of Exeter to assist in the design process by ensuring vibration control requirements were met.

The original building design was an on-site in situ concrete structure by Consultant Engineer Arup, but due to limited construction site space, PCE Ltd wanted to ensure their offsite construction philosophy would mean the finished structure complied with stringent vibration control requirements. Vibration control was essential due to the extremely vibration-sensitive laboratory equipment to be installed on completion of the facility.

Whilst initial calculations by PCE inferred the specification could be achieved, they required specialist knowledge to assist with design concepts and prove by post-construction physical site testing that the design met vibration specification requirements. They therefore contacted Professor Paul Reynolds of VES to provide this assistance.

Application to VSimulators

Results and information from this case study are beneficial in expanding knowledge on how to support the transition towards off-site modular construction, whilst maintaining acceptable levels of vibration performance within the final building. VSimulators, as a testing facility, enables the the design data to be fed into an immersive reality environment and combined with the vibration data, to accurate replicate a digitised version of the building prior to construction. The digital version could be explored by users, contractors, architects and owners prior to being constructed, providing a realistic understanding as to how the building would look, feel and function.

For full information on our work to support off-site modular construction design wtih PCE Ltd, please visit the VES Blog here.

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