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Case Studies

From understanding and treating chronic pain to researching the influence of temperature and humidity on work performance, there are a whole range of research and industry applications using our globally unique facilities at Bath and Exeter, as the case studies below demonstrate.

VSimulators Supporting Research Into Ways To Overcome Freezing of Gait In Parkinson's

An expert in motor control and biomechanics, specialising in Parkinsons, Dr Will Young (psychologist) explains his current research work and the opportunities for significant developments from using VSimulators at University of Exeter

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Exeter VSimulator used in project to assess flood risk to bridges during storms

University of Exeter PhD student Karen Faulkner used the VSimulator facility at Exeter Science Park as an evaluation test of a new inertial measurement unit (IMU), developed as part of her EPSRC funded research project. The project involves the development of a new portable data acquisition (DAQ) system for monitoring vulnerable bridge infrastructure during a storm event.

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Exeter VSimulator - exploring balance in standing or walking people

PhD student Naser Taleshi is using the Exeter VSimulator to explore the balance and control methods used by people standing or walking on moving surfaces.

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Do the Locomotion With Me – Virtual Reality Interface for Locomotion on Flexible Structures

Virtual Reality is an enabling technology rapidly growing in its sophistication and reach in the characterisation of pedestrian behaviour on flexible structures such as footbridges. Dr Mateusz Bocian explores developments from the early use of virtual reality and a treadmill, through to future opportunities in the development of the VSimulators research facility.

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Exeter VSimulator - Sonification and Translating Human Motion Vibration into Music

Scientists have used the Exeter VSimulator to capture vibration data for translation into a musical score as part of an Arts & Culture Creative Fellowship looking at novel ways to explore science.

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Using virtual reality and multi-sensory cues to understand and treat chronic pain

PhD student Joao Mineiro has been awarded an EPSRC-funded studentship to explore whether virtual reality can be used in the treatment of chronic pain.

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Researching the influence of temperature and relative humidity on work performance and productivity

PhD student Sharareh Ghanbari is using the University of Bath VSimulator to explore the influence that temperature and humidity have on work performance, wellbeing and productivity in office buildings.

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Investigating occupant discomfort in tall buildings

University of Bath PhD student Kaveh Heshmati is conducting research into occupant comfort in tall buildings using the globally unique VSimulators facilities, which are designed to simulate realistically wind-induced vibrations in tall buildings. His research will use the VSimulators facility at the University of Bath.

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Using the Exeter VSimulator and FRP bridge to investigate the vibration sensitivity of active people

University of Exeter PhD student Nimmy Abraham will be using the VSimulator and Exeter Bridge facilities at Exeter Science Park to explore the vibration comfort of a person walking, bobbing and jumping on a vibrating structure.

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