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Health & Wellbeing

VSimulators at Exeter provides the opportunity to explore quality of life, well being, exercise, health and societal impacts for motion impairment in vulnerable groups.

Mobility impairment and falls are associated with a large personal and societal cost, with problems being attributed to a combination of individual factors (physical, cognitive and psychological) combined with environmental conditions. VSimulators offers the opportunity to study multi-factorial mechanisms, such as simulating falls to help understand the mechanisms of balance, falls, near-falls and active ingredients, which may form the basis of rehabilitation programmes. This research links into the built environment, for example influencing the design of hospitals and consideration for how those with balance issues can access public transport.

Additionally the VSimulators at Exeter facilities supports world renowned research experts in the fields of sports and health science, identifying opportunities for innovation in footwear, pitch design and training methods.

Research Expertise

Vicki Goodwin (MBE) is a professor in physiotherapy at the Exeter Medical School, specialising in rehabilitation as part of a Complex Interventions research group. She is renowned for contributions to research in Parkinsons, dementia, osteoporosis and frailty. Her main research interest is the care of older people, particularly in relation to rehabilitation, preventing falls in Parkinson's, physical activity for older people and physiotherapy for older people and those with hip fractures. The video below provides further insights on her research expertise.

Mark Wilson, is a professor in Performance Psychology based in the world renowned Sports and Health Science faculty at University of Exeter. He is a leading expert in visuomotor skill acquistion, with applied research which crosses boundaries in sport, surgery, military application and clinical populations. Such research is increasingly drawing upon the use of virtual reality as a tool to influence cognitive functions.

Sharon Dixon in an expert in Human Movement Science and investigates the influence of footwear interventions on Achilles tendon loading, lower extremity overuse injury mechanisms and the influence of footwear, inserts and surfaces on lower limb biomechanics and injury risk.

Hannah Rice undertakes extensive research in lower limb overuse running injuries, altered gait and retraining of movement using real-time feedback.

Genevieve Williams, from University of Exeter, researches the coordination and control of human movement, mostly related to stability and adaptability. She also researches how the stability and adaptability of the dynamics of movement change as a function of skill level, perturbation, ageing or pathology.

To find out more, watch the video below exploring existing areas for Health and Well being research. Or visit the Case Studies pages to find out more about the different projects our academics have been involved in and how their expertise could support a project using VSimulators.