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Creative Industries

Creative Industries

VSimulators provides a platform for the development of new and novel creative techniques, as tools for expression, performance and story telling.

A key feature of the VSimulator facility at University of Exeter, in supporting innovation for the Creative Industries sector, is the six degree of freedom motion platform and the synchronised experience in a virtual environment for up to nine occupants.

Immersive technology is viewed as a space in which the UK can become a global leader, building on foundations established in the games, digital, creative and entertainments sectors. Increasing numbers of businesses are entering the virtual, augmented and mixed reality market. Forecasts predict that this fast growing sector will be worth £801 million by 2021.

VSimulators facilities provides the opportunity for initial research into development ideas, through to scale up for small audiences. A growth opportunity is identified in delivery of immersive experiences to large audiences and demonstrators at scale to drive adoption.

Additionally, VSimulators could be used to explore interactions between humans and robotic assistants, delivering training, skills and education programmes, desensitisation of phobias or for creating tools such as remote surgery.

The video clip below provide an insight as to how VSimulators can be used for Immersive Reality based investigations. Alternatively visit our Case Studies pages for inspiration as to how VSimulators will provide a unique research facility for developing ideas in Immersive Reality.Research in this growing sector can be supported by access to our academic experts.

Research Funding Opportunities

Research funding is available under the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, particularly within the Audience of the Future sector, with an increasing demand for innovative ideas to maximise opportunities for growth in a rapidly developing sector.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss a research idea.

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