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With state of the art facilities combining accurate simulation of motion with immersive reality and physiological monitoring, VSimulators is an ideal platform for research related to impacts from acceleration, deceleration and the effects of motion on trains, buses, cars, planes and trams. The facilities could be used to explore factors such as

  • human responses to vibrations whilst using transport facilities
  • impact of vibrations from transport on neighbouring properties
  • sleep patterns and transport induced vibrations
  • human responses to assisted driving and autonomous vehicles
  • human factors investigations such as tiredness
  • balance and access for mobility impaired people in using public transport

Research in this sector can be supported by access to our academic experts and some have prior experience of working with transport industries, as detailed in the linked Case Studies.

Research Funding Opportunities

Research funding is available under the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, particularly within the The Future of Mobility sector, with an increasing demand for innovation lead solutions to industrial, environmental and societal challenges.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss a research idea.

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