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Immersive Reality

VSimulators facilities can provide a realistic, immersive experience for one or more occupants

Immersive Reality

New immersive technologies, including virtual, augmented and mixed reality, are changing how we experience the world around us. This will impact on construction, entertainment, sports, data analytics, shopping, education and sport, fundamentally changing the products and services currently available, and how we interact within a virtual world.

VSimulators offers state of the art virtual reality technology, synchronised and aligned to a motion platform. With the use of headsets for nine occupants or projected virtual reality, VSimulators can provide an immersive experience for exploration by one or more users. If we do not have the scene you require, we can support you in building a bespoke environment or generating 360 video footage, depending upon your requirements.

The video clip below and Case Study links provide an insight as to how VSimulators can be used for Immersive Reality based investigations. Research in this growing sector can be supported by access to our academic experts.

Research Funding Opportunities

Research funding is available under the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund and the AHRC Creative Economy Programme, to explore various industry challenges drawing on immersive reality and digitisation as part of the growing opportunities for innovation.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss a research idea.

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