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VSimulators - About Us

VSimulators is a collaborative joint venture between the Universities of Exeter, Bath and Leicester, to develop facilities for multi-disciplinary research in human factors engineering, supported by an EPSRC £4.8 million infrastructure grant.

What are VSimulators? Our academics and industry partners explain more

James Brownjohn (University of Exeter) is PI for Exeter VSimulators and explains about the facility

Antony Darby (University of Bath) is PI for Bath VSimulators and explains about the facility

Gillian Browning from BuroHappold, talks about industry interest in the VSimulators facility

VSimulators Team

University of Exeter

Vibration Engineering Section

James Brownjohn, Aleksandar Pavic and Paul Reynolds are world-renowned professors within the Vibration Engineering Section at the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences. They have an international reputation in vibration serviceability, structural health monitoring and active vibration control, with application to real world problems. They are experts at dynamic analysis, testing and monitoring of large scale civil engineering structures including bridges, buildings, grandstands and staircases. Additionally, James, Alex and Paul founded Full Scale Dynamics Ltd, a University spin-out consultancy company specialising in vibration serviceability, analysis, testing, monitoring and control of full scale structures.

Exeter Medical School

Vicki Goodwin is a professor at the Exeter Medical School, who specialises in the rehabilitation of older people and is part of PenCLAHRC and the Complex Interventions Research Group, where she is involved in projects relating to Parkinson’s, dementia, osteoporosis and frailty.

Commercial Team

VSimulators is co-ordinated by Senior Experimental Officer James Bassitt at the University of Exeter, and Experimental Officer Jon Slade at the University of Bath, with support from Administrator Katy Manning.

University of Bath

Antony Darby, Head of the Civil Engineering Group within the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering at the University of Bath, specialises in structural dynamics, investigating perception and acceptability of dynamic motion. Meanwhile, Sukumar Natarajan undertakes research to understand the behaviour of people in a range of thermal environments and how these might interact with other aspects to influence their sense of comfort and productivity. David Coley researches the complexities of energy use within buildings and the reduction of carbon.

Ian Walker is Associate Dean (Research) within the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences. He is a professor in the Department of Psychology with research interests in environmental behaviours and traffic safety.

University of Leicester

The concept of VSimulators was originally conceived by Mateusz Bocian, a Structural Dynamics expert at the University of Leicester. His doctoral project pioneered the use of fully immersive virtual reality in research on structural vibration serviceability worldwide. He is now the Director of Biomechanics and Immersive Technology Laboratory at the University of Leicester and a virtual reality applications expert for VSimulators.

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With grateful thanks to our industrial and academic partners who provided support and guidance to the VSimulators project.