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Here is the latest news on our facilities at Exeter and Bath

Cutting the Turf for Exeter VSimulators State of the Art Research Facility

A turf-cutting ceremony marked the start of construction of the University of Exeter’s pioneering VSimulators - a state-of-the-art, world class facility, combining virtual reality for up to nine occupants with a sophisticated motion platform.

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by Julie Lewis-Thompson / 04 Mar, 2019

VSimulators – virtual reality facilities to support human factors research and innovation

Plans for a major new centre for research and development in the vibration engineering sector are in the final stages of development at the Universities of Exeter and Bath.

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by Julie Lewis-Thompson / 13 Sep, 2018

Heather Macklyne (EPSRC Portfolio Manager) Visits Vibration Engineering Section and VSimulators

The University of Exeter and the Vibration Engineering Section (VES) welcomed Heather Macklyne, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Portfolio Manager, with responsibility for Ground Engineering, Structural Engineering, Built Environment, Infrastructure and Urban Systems.

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by Julie Lewis-Thompson / 15 Mar, 2018

Human factors simulation for motion and serviceability in the built environment

Vibration Engineering staff led by Professor James Brownjohn have been awarded a £3.25m grant by EPSRC to create a new simulator facility for study of interactions between humans and the moving built environment.

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by Julie Lewis-Thompson / 21 Mar, 2017

Impact of wobbly bridges and sky-scrapers on human health to be tested in government-funded VSimulators research centre

The impact of vibrations from very tall buildings and wobbly bridges and floors on people’s health and wellbeing is to be researched in a new £7.2 million government-funded national research facility.

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by Julie Lewis-Thompson / 20 Mar, 2017

The Telegraph : Wobbly Skyscrapers May Trigger Motion Sickness and Depression, Warn Experts

The Telegraph news article publicising EPSRC funding for Universities of Exeter, Bath and Leicester to build the VSimulators facilities to research impact of motion on building on occupant health and productivity.

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by Julie Lewis-Thompson / 19 Mar, 2017