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VSimulators : cutting-edge facilities for human factors research

What Is VSimulators?

Our academic and industry partners explain how VSimulators can enable multi-disciplinary research into factors affecting human comfort, health and wellbeing


VSimulators provides a platform for multi-disciplinary research to study the human experience of real world environments. It is a catalyst, supported by an extraordinary community of researchers and industry leaders from structural engineering, physiotherapy, psychology, architecture, biomechanics, immersive reality, vibration engineering and human movement science. Click on the sector links below to explore ways in which VSimulators can support academic and industry based research.

Built Environment

VSimulators support research in transforming construction, modular design and reductions in embodied energy, by placing people at the centre of their customised design prior to construction.

Human Factors and Comfort

VSimulators enables research into the factors affecting human comfort, perception and responses to their environment. This will enable people to be placed at the centre of future design.

Human Movement, Health & Wellbeing

VSimulators supports extensive research into how people move, balance and respond to their surroundings, creating intervention programmes, environment designs and equipment to enable people to live independent and fulfilling lives.

Immersive Reality

VSimulators offers state of the art virtual reality technology aligned to a motion platform and environmental conditions, creating a realistic, immersive experience for exploration by one or more people.

Data Science and Analytics

VSimulators can handle multiple feeds of raw information contributing to the development of new ways to visually interpret, analyse and use complex or multiple feeds of data.

Vibration Engineering

VSimulators can uniquely support research into vibration analysis of structures, machinery and other engineered facilities, advising on the proposed design before starting construction.

Creative Industries

VSimulators provides a platform for the development of new and novel creative techniques, as a tool for expression, performance and story telling.


VSimulators is an ideal platform for research related to acceleration, deceleration and motion in transport, exploring factors such as human response to vibrations, flood risk to bridges and balance.

Our Expertise

Our knowledge base can support your use of the VSimulator facilities. With expertise spanning from structural dynamics to vibration engineering, psychological analysis to medical application, and biomechanical investigation to physiological data capture, our interdisciplinary team can support a broad range of sectors in using the VSimulators facilities for research purposes.

Vibration Engineering

The Vibration Engineering Section are experts in vibration serviceability, dynamic analysis, testing and monitoring of large civil engineering structures including bridges, buildings, lighthouses, grandstands, tall timber structures and staircases. Vibration serviceability is the study of the whole field of environmental vibration, both natural...

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Architecture & Civil Engineering

The Architecture and Civil Engineering team, which developed VSimulators at the University of Bath, is led by Dr Antony Darby, whose research interests include structural dynamics, most recently investigating perception and acceptability of dynamic motion. Working together with a multi-disciplinary team, this research is providing the next...

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Human Factors, Health & Wellbeing

Research into Human Factors seeks to place people at the centre of design for the built environment, by researching the interaction of humans with the world around them. This research field draws on our academic expertise from a range of disciplines including architecture, psychology, the medical profession, physiology, bio-mechanics, and...

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Immersive Reality

Immersive Reality is an evolving area of expertise across the Universities and our academic communities. We offer research knowledge in the use of virtual reality for training purposes, creative applications, human modelling, psychology and exploring ideas around big data and visual analysis. The VSimulators provide unique research facilities...

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Human Movement Science

Our expertise in Human Movement Science draws on research and knowledge from leading academics within medical science, physiotherapy, psychology, physiology, sport sciences and biomechanics. Research areas include gait analysis, intervention and therapy for patients with neurological conditions such as Parkinson's and dementia, the role of the...

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Data Science

The Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (IDASI) at the University of Exeter provides a hub for data-intensive science activity within the University and the wider region. Research expertise offers innovative means to interrogate and understand data, to innovate and apply cutting-edge data analytical methodologies. We offer a...

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Latest News

Find out the latest news on the VSimulators facilities in Exeter and Bath

VSimulators@Exeter presents video about groundbreaking facility

The University of Exeter VSimulators team are delighted to announce that a video created by Rowe Films, demonstrating the ground breaking commercial and research facility in action, is now available to view.

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by kmanning / 29 Jun, 2021

Exeter VSimulator features in brand new interview series with TechExeter

The Exeter VSimulator features in a brand new interview series launched by TechExeter, which includes insights into the facility from academic partners and technical experts.

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by kmanning / 03 Jun, 2021

Bath VSimulators nominated for audio-visual innovation award

The University of Bath VSimulators platform, a unique ‘moving room’ that can simulate the sensation of being inside a mile-high skyscraper or walking across a swaying bridge, has been nominated for an award for its innovative audio-visual set-up.

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by kmanning / 20 Apr, 2021