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Architecture & Civil Engineering

Research Expertise

The Architecture and Civil Engineering team, which developed the VSimulators facility at University of Bath, is led by Antony Darby. His research interests include structural dynamics, most recently investigating perception and acceptability of dynamic motion. Working together with an interdisciplinary team of psychologists, physiologists, building physicists and structural engineers, this research will provide the next generation of motion and vibration serviceability criteria with a specific focus on tall building sway.

Sukumar Natarajan, University of Bath, undertakes research which lies at the intersection of three global grand challenges: climate change, energy security and health. His research aim is to deliver healthy and comfortable low-carbon buildings that perform well into the future. Sukumar's interests are in understanding the behaviour of people in a range of thermal environments and how these might interact with other aspects to influence their comfort and productivity.

David Coley is Professor of Low Carbon Design and leads the Centre for Energy and the Design of Environments at the University of Bath. He has a background and degrees in physics but moved to the built environment over many years. David's main research interests are finding out why buildings use energy, how little they could use and where this energy might come from, all with a focus on building physics. In essence, this means teasing out whether the issue for the mass production of low carbon buildings is the building, the occupant or other humans, for example architects and developers. This human-focused interest, when combined with building physics, led naturally into the VSimulator project.

To find out more, watch the videos below about research and industry involvement, identifying how the use of VSimulators will provide greater insights into the design of the built environment and human comfort. Or visit the Case Studies pages to find out more about the different projects these academics have been involved in and how their expertise could support a project using VSimulators