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Human Factors, Health & Wellbeing

Research into Human Factors aims to fully understand the interaction of humans with the world around them, providing the opportunity to influence the design of the built environment. This research field draws on our academic expertise from a range of disciplines including psychology, the medical profession, physiology, bio-mechanics, architecture and structural engineering. As a multi-disciplinary facility, VSimulators will enable further research collaborations in human factors and comfort.

Research Expertise

Stana Zivanovic, from the University of Exeter, provides research expertise in human-structure interactions and vibration performance of fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) structures. She collaborates with biomechanics and human motion scientists, investigating kinematics, kinetics and control of walking, or other forms of locomotion, in the presence of vibrations. Her research findings are channelled into design recommendations for structural engineers.

Mateusz Bocian is the Director of Biomechanics and Immersive Technology Laboratory at the University of Leicester and a virtual reality applications expert for VSimulators. His expertise focuses on the use of virtual reality as a tool to analyse human-structure interaction and biomechanics. His original research was a precursor to the development of the VSimulators facility, as detailed in the Case Studies section. His doctoral project pioneered the use of fully immersive virtual reality in research on structural vibration serviceability worldwide. Previously Mateusz worked on fusion of data from advanced wireless and wired devices for measurements, linking human and vehicle dynamic loading with structural response. His research interests revolve around structural dynamics, biomechanics and cognitive psychology.

Genevieve Williams, at the University of Exeter, researches the coordination and control of human movement, mostly related to stability and adaptability.

To find out more about our expertise in these areas, watch the video below exploring how VSimulators at the University of Exeter will provide a unique research facility to support the understanding of human factors and the control of motion. Or visit the Case Studies pages to find out more about the different projects these academics have been involved in and how their expertise could support a project using VSimulators.