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Immersive Reality

VSimulators offers cutting edge technology in virtual reality, projected reality and mixed reality, as an interactive computer-generated experience of a simulated environment for up to nine participants. The auditory and visual feedback provides users with an immersive experience similar to real world environments, combined with synchronised motion.

We have bought together experts in this evolving technology field, to collaborate on the VSimulators multi-disciplinary research facility,which includes:

  • Mateusz Bocian from University of Leicester is the Director of Biomechanics and Immersive Technology Laboratory at the University of Leicester and a virtual reality applications expert for VSimulator. His expertise focuses on the use of virtual reality as a tool to analyse human-structure interaction and biomechanics. His original research was a precursor to the development of the VSimulators facility, as detailed in the Case Studies section. His doctoral project pioneered the use of fully immersive virtual reality in research on structural vibration serviceability worldwide. Previously Mateusz worked on fusion of data from advanced wireless and wired devices for measurements, linking human and vehicle dynamic loading with structural response. His research interests revolve around structural dynamics, biomechanics and cognitive psychology.

  • Holovis designed and developed the virtual reality system at the University of Exeter VSimulators facility, subsequently becoming more involved in the project as a strategic adviser. They will continue to support the project, providing the opportunity to develop additional scenes for use in the facility.

  • Antycip Simulation designed and developed the projected virtual reality system at the University of Bath VSimulators facility.

Visit the Case Studies pages to find out more about the different projects our academics have been involved in and how their expertise could support a project using VSimulators.