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Scientists have used the Exeter VSimulator to capture vibration data for translation into music as part of an Arts & Culture Creative Fellowship.

Musician and scientist Domenico Vicinanza worked with Dr Genevieve Williams, a Lecturer in Sport and Health Sciences at the University of Exeter and Julie Lewis-Thompson, Commercial Manager for VSimulators, as part of his Creative Fellowship researching movement co-ordination and changes in movement patterns.

The University of Exeter VSimulators facility at Exeter Science Park can allow researchers to capture data from a unique human-structure interaction, in which up to nine research volunteers can be simultaneously immersed in a range of environments replicated through a combination of virtual reality and a motion platform that can move in six different directions.

In December 2019, Domenico visited the Exeter facility with Genevieve, where he captured data directly from the VSimulator and translated it into an arrangement for a string quartet.

For more information, and to hear the music translated for the string quartet, please see the following stories on the University of Exeter Arts & Culture website:

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