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Investigating occupant discomfort in tall buildings

University of Bath PhD student Kaveh Heshmati is conducting research into occupant comfort in tall buildings using the globally unique VSimulators facilities, which are designed to simulate realistically wind-induced vibrations in tall buildings. His research will use the VSimulators facility at the University of Bath.

The focus of Kaveh’s PhD is on people’s level of acceptance of wind-induced vibrations in tall buildings and he recently travelled to Australia for two weeks to discuss this research with world-leading expert Prof Kenny Kwok at the University of Sydney, Australia, an international authority on the impact of tall-building vibrations. The visit was funded by the Santander Travel and Collaboration Grant.

Kaveh also recently had a paper published as part of his research work. "Moving from Human Perception to Acceptability: A Paradigm Shift in Vibration Serviceability Assessment of Tall Buildings" was due to be presented at the Structures Congress 2020, which had to be cancelled due to the current COVID 19 pandemic. The paper was written in collaboration with Erfan Shahabpoor Ardakani, Antony Darby and Ian Walker, who are part of the VSimulators academic team at the University of Bath.

The paper provides an overview of the characteristics of wind-induced vibrations, state-of-the-art Vibration Serviceability Assessment guidelines, and the current understanding of occupants’ acceptability of wind-induced motion in tall buildings.

If you are interested in undertaking similar investigations and would like to discuss a programme which involves using VSimulators, for either academic or commercial use, please contact the VSimulators team at

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